Good Friday
Walk for Justice

For 42 years we have organized the Good Friday Walk For Justice, first as a program of the 8th Day Center for Justice and for the past four years as an ad hoc organizing committee. For many this has been the most significant public liturgy in Chicago: honoring the religious tradition of Good Friday by co-creating a public witness that names the injustices of the day and calls for transformation.

The closing of 8th Day marked the end of an era. This year, we find ourselves at another transition. After 42 amazing years, we have decided that we will not be hosting the Good Friday Walk For Justice this year. The end of this era does not mean the end of a tradition of living a faith that does justice.

We have supported each other in the struggle, sought and proclaimed truth, loved radically, and re-membered communities of resistance. As we acknowledge the end of this ministry, we carry with us all that we have witnessed and learned along the way.

We thank all the organizations and groups who have participated over the decades. Those that have planned and mobilized, those who have written and performed the Stations, those who have danced and sung, those that have formatted and printed the Prayer Booklet and other materials. We are grateful for the shared ministry.

Good Friday belongs to the community;, the end of this era does not have to mean the end of this tradition. Anyone wishing to carry on this tradition and pick up the organizing for future Good Friday Walks for Justice can contact Nancy Jones,

In Gratitude,

The Good Friday Walk for Justice Planning Committee

Kryss Chupp, Dan Dale, Kathleen Desautels, Kayla Jackson, Nancy Jones, Claudia Lucero, Amber Naylor, and Martha Pierce, Luke Sullivan