40th Annual

Good Friday Walk for Justice

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and the CDC’s recommendation to suspend public gatherings for a couple of months, the April 10 Good Friday Walk for Justice is cancelled.

HOWEVER, even though we cannot gather right now, WE CAN STILL PRAY and take courageous action for justice in our communities! We will honor this 40th Anniversary Good Friday Walk for Justice by publishing our Prayer Booklet online. We encourage you to pray this modern-day Way-of-the-Cross on Good Friday in the safety of your homes with members of your households. Please post reflections and photos from your homes and wherever you are using #HopeRises2020 so we can celebrate the collective power of courageous community! The booklet will be available on this site by Monday, April 6.

During this extended period of social distancing, the need for “Hope Rising in Courageous Community” is more important than ever. Please share this resource widely, and take heart in the words of author and poet, Alice Walker, who reminds us that “Human sunrises are happening all over the earth,” and that the work to “bring peace, light, compassion” to this world shines on.

The Planning Committee will continue developing tools to help us connect virtually this Good Friday and want to invite you to continue your work in courageous communities as we are able to gather once again. PLEASE send your email address to nancyjones193@gmail.com so we can keep you in the loop about next year’s Good Friday Walk for Justice.

In Gratitude,
The 40th Anniversary Good Friday Walk for Justice Committee


Kryss Chupp, Kathleen Desautels, Sharon Hunter Smith, Kayla Jackson, Nancy Jones, Rachel Lyons, Amber Naylor, Martha Pierce, Alicia Rynkowska

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