41st Annual

Good Friday Walk for Justice

April 2, 2021 at 12:00pm CT

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This Good Friday, our collective community remembers that we belong to each other. We believe we have the power to rise up together and lean into the strength of our foundational bonds of justice for all.

We have the power to roll away stones of white supremacy, greed, and state violence. As we roll the stones away, we commit to co-create systems in which resources are shared, allowing our imaginations to generate radically new ways of living and thriving in a more just society.

We believe that the stone of injustice will be rolled away in our rejection of the status quo. As Easter people we recommit ourselves to choose actions of transformation. Together we pledge our efforts to bring about greater justice for all peoples and Earth itself.

Even though we cannot gather in person this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to pray this modern-day Way-of-the-Cross in the safety of your homes with members of your household. A video recording of the Station Prayers will be available if you want to pray along with a group.

Please send your email address to nancyjones193@gmail.com so we can keep you in the loop about next year’s Good Friday Walk for Justice, hopefully downtown!

In Gratitude,
The 41st Anniversary Good Friday Walk for Justice Planning Committee
Kryss Chupp, Dan Dale, Kathleen Desautels, Sharon Hunter-Smith, Nancy Jones, Rachel Lyons, Amber Naylor, and Martha Pierce

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